Canadian Baptist Ministries

Identity and print design

This 96 page field guide is intended as a primer to CBM’s philosophy of Integral Misson.
The premise, that preaching and doing are indivisible for the church. To reinforce the nature
of their position we created a our own word, word mark – Wordeed.

The content of the primer provides an overview of the present socio-economic challenges facing
those engaged in missions work as well as historical perspectives from past movements in church history.

One of the goals was to enabled the reader to begin the book from what interested them personally. The reader can crack open the book at almost any topic and begin. Interspersed though out the book are markers to take you further on a specific topic both in the book and by extension to online materials.

The primer has been very well received not just in Canada but also in the field in Bolivia, Kenya, India and in other partner countries.

There is a quote by Wendell Barry in the book that is also so reflective of the creative process.
“Be like the fox who makes more tracks than are necessary, some in the wrong direction. Practice Ressurection.”