Case Studies


COM Issue 1

StreetLevel 2006


Thinkhouse contributed to the success of this national conference with a solution that effectively addressed multiple audiences, political issues, budget limitations, and an over-riding need for sensitivity and professionalism.

COM Issue 2



NovoNordisk is a global healthcare company with a strong focus on insulin production and insulin delivery systems. Thinkhouse Design was approached to help develop an employee recognition program. The program had to be unique to the Canadian office but still conform to the NovoNordisk international brand standards.

COM Issue 2

Organon: My Fertility


The rebirth of MyFertility: How helping patients conduct research with a mouse helps an infertility leader affirm its market position as leader in patient care.

COM Issue 4

MD Direct


MD Direct: How a healthcare start-up got a healthy start. They came to us for the attention and direction they needed to create an entire branding package. The starting point was a new name, followed by a logo, sales material and web site.

COM Issue 5

Save the Mothers


Save the Mothers is an international organization that combats maternal mortality in developing nations. Thinkhouse was initially approached to make updates to the organization’s website. Inspired by their innovative approach, we felt committed as a strategic partner to help them elevate their presence and message beyond simply putting a fresh face on their site.

COM Issue 6

World Vision: FreeForm Program


World Vision Canadian Programs approached Thinkhouse Design to develop a name, creative strategy and teaching materials for a capacity building program aimed at non-profit organizations. The FreeForm program is an educational initiative that includes a number of teaching sessions throughout the year, a website, a social network for students and a DVD series.