Create: Our Process


We add value by rearranging our collective thinking about familiar ideas, icons and concepts. We break elements down and investigate how they can be reformed to create something new, provide new meaning, and lead us to our destination, our goal. It’s a linear explanation of lateral thinking.

The essence of our work is to raise awareness, reshape perceptions, and influence behavior. With curious minds, we ask and sift and sort until we distill a concept that tells a compelling story.

With solid strategic thinking, we visual through an organic process pushing pencils and pixels, sketching and clicking, undoing and redoing, to-do and ta-da! With enough imagination the simple can become sensational and the mundane can become magical.

At Thinkhouse, we want to do our part to make the world a better place. We partner with clients to effect change. Our collaborative process results in greater impact by developing strategies to influence key decision makers and securing commitments to action.

See the Case Studies for the results