March Break

Though we usually are all business here at the Thinkhouse Design blog. We thought that maybe we would share a bit behind the scenes, when not so busy. As a business we stand on this true line as to who we are “WE CREATE, WITH GREAT PEOPLE, COOL SOLUTIONS. The longer we ruminate on this it is in fact true for us outside of the office.

Gordon plays in a band Inevitable Accident where there he creates (music) with great people (his beloved bandmates) cool solutions/things (they play a unique alternative/cool 80’s covers of, The Smiths, The Vapors, Talking Heads etc.)

In the kitchen is also a favourite place “to create (seldom using recipes) with great people (usually with the older daughters) cool solutions (delicious times around the table laughing and sharing)”

And now in March Break, a time usually dreaded unless, for us it includes a road trip to FLA with required stops at Cracker Barrels along the way. This year though we couldn’t leave our dog, or take him we are counting and enjoying every day we have left with him.

This week we will again “create (memories) with great people (the two younger one) cool solutions (fun and experiential family times enjoy other cultures).

We worked out a plan to getting away and staying home.
We are calling this The Brew’s Break, The World. You can read the full premise HERE