Apple loses it's mind

This is the transcendent moment: Apple became Apple when Jobs brought “post-computer products” to the world. While Jobs thought the iPod was “a thousand songs in your pocket,” its magic came from giving people a thousand feelings in their pocket.

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The Retirement of Employee No. 3

But most of all, Cider just loved us and kept us real. The Thinkhouse is empty without you friend. We wish you sunny park filled days in your retirement.

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March Break

Though we usually are all business here at the Thinkhouse Design blog. We thought that maybe we would share a bit behind the scenes, when not so busy. As a business we stand on this true line as to who we are “WE CREATE, WITH GREAT PEOPLE, COOL SOLUTIONS. The longer we ruminate on this it is in fact true for us outside of the office.

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The long view on the right v left divide

Iann McGilchrist has a wonderful article in the WSJ which outlines his take on how we have ended up where we are and what we need to do to RIGHT the situation.

I have never thought about what he presents here, that the right brain seeks to be inclusive of what it learns from the left. Where as the left brain, continues to function with an exclusive attitude to its own knowledge.

It is not only folks who have right brain stokes that,
“…flatly deny that anything is wrong, even when attention is drawn to the fact that half of their body may lie there useless.” it would seem that we are hard wired in someways to continue to deny the right it’s due. That continued path will be to the detriment of us all.

Here is the article.

And here is “the Master and the Emmisary” a link to his book, which I am just placed at the top of my “to read next” list.

Your Whole Brain or How many Art Directors does take to make a great ad?

I have been enjoying the Mercedes-Benz Campaign using the Left Brain Right Brain metaphor. All the emotions, and the ability to understand what is illustrated is happening in the Right Side when you read the actual copy the Left is kicking in. But you don’t have to even read it to get it. It is a nice way to show the whole mindedness of the Mercedes product line.

I would rather have seen the copy on the right side more integrated into the illustration to complete the thought more fully.

So, how many Art Directors does take to make a great ad?
And every other Art Director to stand around
and say how they would have done it better.

I believe in has the series on their site which is here

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